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We are currently lining up our events schedule for 2015. We'll keep updating this page with lots of exciting new events so keep checking back to see if your favourite author has been added to the bill. Alternatively do sign up for our newsletter to be kept up-to-date with all of our new events.



Thursday 29th January


at The Natural Theatre Company, Widcombe


We are delighted to introduce a fresh and powerful voice in young adult fiction. Sarah Benwell is a graduate of Bath Spa University's Writing for Young People MA whose debut novel has been snapped up by Random House Children's publishing. "The Last Leaves Falling" is a moving and uplifting novel about a teenage boy suffering from a terminal illness. Join us at Widcombe's Natural Theatre Company on publication day to celebrate Sarah and her incredible debut.

Mr B's Local Launch parties celebrate writers in our community, with a reading and a book signing from our guest author and wine and nibbles. Free entry. RSVP essential.

To book call: 01225 331155, email or pop into the shop.



On a Mission:

Characters who get up and go

with special guest author


Wednesday 4th February

7pm at Mr B's


Kicking off Mr B’s 2015 literary events is a debut author hotly tipped to be one of this year’s big rising stars. Emma Hooper’s first novel “Etta and Otto and Russell and James” is a love story that stretches across time and war. One morning, Otto wakes to find a note from his 82-year-old wife informing him that she has embarked on an epic walk through the Canadian wilderness in order to fulfil her lifelong dream of seeing the sea. Otto’s only comfort comes from Etta’s promise that she “will try to remember to come back”. Concerned by her ambitious journey Otto’s best friend Russell, who has long been in love with Etta, heads off in pursuit of this woman on a mission. You can read Danielle’s review of the book here.

Get up and come to Mr B’s to hear Emma speak about this fascinating new novel, and the inspirational journey of its surprising heroine, before we introduce you to five other fantastic novels featuring characters who get up and go. Not only will the Bookshop Band be on hand to debut tunes inspired by “Etta and Otto and Russell and James”, but also Emma herself will treat us to a musical performance with her own band The Stringbeans Quartet!

Book Lovers Unite evenings are our original themed events, featuring a special guest author, music from The Bookshop Band, food and drink from lovely local places and a discussion of further literature along a shared theme. Keep an eye on our social media in advance of the event to help us build our list of other "Get up and Go" characters!

Tickets £14 each or £25 for two

To book call: 01225 331155, email or pop into the shop.



Mr B's Delightful and Tremendous Book Groups

Tuesday 10th February

7pm at Mr B's

All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque

We offer a 10% discount on all of our book group books.

Please book your place by emailing




 G E N E R A T I O N B.

Mr B's introduces


Tuesday 17th February

7pm at Mr B's


Lucy Wood’s beguiling short story collection “Diving Belles” won her praise from the likes of Michel Faber and Jon McGregor. And now Lucy’s first novel “Weathering” has been equally well-received, not only by the critics, but by the Mr B’s Team. Emma and Danielle fell in love with Lucy’s lyrical style that masterfully weaves themes of myth, magic and how a particular place can take root inside of us. In “Weathering”, following her mother’s death, Ada is summoned back to her childhood home - a dilapidated riverside cottage that she hasn’t stepped foot in for thirteen years. Accompanied by her daughter Pepper, Ada sets about sorting through her mother’s things. Meanwhile Pepper begins to explore the wild, wet and unfamiliar landscape, and becomes fascinated by the characters that she meets. As the first frosts of Autumn signal the coming of a long, harsh Winter, Ada and Pepper find themselves making a life at the cottage that neither of them thought possible.

Join us to meet our first G E N E R A T I O N  B. author, a young novelist from Cornwall fascinated by folklore and myth, who we believe is set to become one of literature’s next big names.

G E N E R A T I O N  B. events offer close encounters with our favourite rising stars through an in-depth interview in our cosy Bibliotherapy Room accompanied by nibbles and wine.

Tickets £8 each or £14 for two.

To book call: 01225 331155, email or pop into the shop.




with special guest author


Tuesday 24th February

7pm at Mr B's

A night upon the high seas in the company of journalist, author ("The Single Swallow")and radio producer Horatio Clare and the tiny crews of seafarers who transport goods, culture and ideas all around the world. “Down to the Sea in Ships” is Horatio’s fascinating look at our vital shipping industry and its extraordinary employees who must juggle families and friends with their dangerous lives at sea. Horatio’s lyrical narrative takes us aboard two of these colossal ships embarking upon cross-continental journeys: the first from East to West (Felixstowe to Los Angeles, via Suez) is rich with Mediterranean history, torn with typhoon nights and gilded with an unearthly Pacific peace; the second northerly passage from Antwerp to Montreal reeks of diesel, wuthers with gales and explores the frozen regions of the North Atlantic, in deep winter. 

Come and feel the wind in your hair and taste the salt on your tongue (whilst warming yourself by Mr B’s fire and scoffing maritime treats) as Horatio captains our epic voyage.

Travel around the world (from the comfort of the Bibliotherapy Room) with our new travel-themed events, featuring a Mr B’s interview with our special guest author, a reading to transport you to our literary destination, a glass of wine and a selection of themed nibbles.


Tickets £8 each or £14 for two.


To book call: 01225 331155, email or pop into the shop.


Mr B's Delightful and Tremendous Book Groups

Monday 9th March

6.45pm at Mr B's

The Man Whose Teeth were all Exactly Alike by Philip K. Dick

We offer a 10% discount on all of our book group books.

Please book your place by emailing


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