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Here at Mr B's we run literary events with a difference - offering close encounters with our favourite authors at our BOOK LOVERS UNITE, G E N E R A T I O N B and AROUND THE WORLD evenings, which incorporate an author interview with food, music, wine and where the mood takes us, fun props! We also host MR B'S LEGENDS events, where you can meet your favourite big name authors at external venue events across the city. Check out what we've got lined up for 2015...



Tepper Isn't Going Out

and a Cultural History of Parking

with virtual guest CALVIN TRILLIN

Wednesday 18th November

7pm at Mr B's


A special event to celebrate the publication of the fourth title from our publishing house Fox, Finch & Tepper. "Tepper Isn't Going Out" by Calvin Trillin is a hilarious New York set novel about a man who parks his car on the busy city streets and reads his paper, waving on other hassled drivers desperate to nab his spot - despite their frustrations Tepper isn't going out! When word spreads of strange parking behaviour Manhattan's intrigued citizens and media soon become convinced that Murray Tepper is doing something far more radical than simply reading his paper and a bizarre revolution begins to take shape with Murray cast as its unlikely hero.

Join us as we immerse you in Tepper's world through our completely unapologetic, geeky tour of our fourth publication and the cultural history of parking!


We'll be joined via Skype by author of "Tepper Isn't Going Out" Calvin Trillin. Calvin is a legend of American narrative journalism. He has been a staff writer for The New Yorker since 1963. He is also the author of twenty-nine books including food-writing, humour, fiction, verse and memoir. Like Murray Tepper, Calvin is a parking aficionado who was once hailed "The Zen Master of Parking" by National Public Radio. We'll chat to Calvin about the genius that is Murray Tepper, the joys of parking and New York life.

We'll sup prosecco, chat transatlantically with Calvin and then show you some of the great moments in parking that we've uncovered from our entirely inexhaustive trawl of car park and curbside antics in music, tv and film. You'll even have a chance to test out your own parking skills with cars raided from the toy baskets of our children (no prosecco for the designated drivers!) and tell us about your own favourite parking stories.


Tickets cost £5
To book please call 01225 331155
Buy online
Or pop into the shop at 14-15 John Street, Bath, BA1 2JL



The Story of Mr Sommer
& Mr Süskind & Mr Sempé
Wednesday 25th November
7pm at Mr B's

Come and celebrate the third book from our publishing house Fox, Finch & Tepper "The Story of Mr Sommer" by Patrick Süskind - a gorgeous little novel about an animated young boy's rural childhood in a small German town. It's a tale rich with heroic tree-climbing, wobbly bike-riding, crushing (near) romantic encounters and the most fretful piano lesson of all time.  These dramas of growing up are punctuated by sighting's of the boy's mysterious neighbour, Mr Sommer a man who strides ceaselessly through the countryside with no apparent destination. He speaks to nobody, runs no errands and stops for nothing - but for what purpose?

Join us and be transported to Germany with our boy narrator, his crush Carolina Kückelmann, his terrifying piano teacher Miss Funkel and the ever-elusive Mr Sommer. We'll also be exploring some of Mr Süskind's other writing - from his bestselling novel "Perfume" to his short play "Double Bass" - as well as the artwork of the wonderful Mr Sempé. There will also be lovely Germanic Christmassy biscuits, a tour of hilarious Süskind moments and Sempé artwork by the Mr B's team and we're in talks with the Bookshop Band to see if we can offer a beginner's crash course to piano playing. Finally we'll ask you to share tales of your most-feared schoolteachers and tell you about ours with plenty of prosecco to get you in the party spirit.

Tickets cost £5
To book please call 01225 331155
Buy online
Or pop into the shop at 14-15 John Street, Bath, BA1 2JL


Mr B's Late Night Christmas Shopping Extravaganza

Thursday 3rd December

till 8:30pm at Mr B's

Join us and blitz all of your Christmas shopping in one spectaular swoop at our one-off late night shopping event.


You can pick your bookish gifts from our bespoke Christmas catalogue (all with a seasonal 10% discount), from our brimming bookshelves or from the brains of our book-obsessed Mr B's team who will be on hand to recommend the perfect pressies for your loved ones. There will also be food and drink that smells and tastes like Christmas to make shopping at Mr B's even more of a festive treat!


Free entry, no booking required, just turn up and shop!


 Mr B's Marvellous and Delightful Book Groups

 Tuesday 8th December

 7pm at Mr B's


The Dig by Cynan Jones


Mr B's Book Groups are free and we offer a 10% discount on all of our chosen books.

Email to book your place


Mr B's Stanza Bonanza
Poetry Reading Group

 Thursday 10th December

 7pm at The Salamander (across the street from Mr B's)


Considering the Women by Choman Hardi


 At Mr B’s we strongly believe that poetry is for everyone and comes in all forms. Join our monthly reading group at The Salamander pub to mix the best ales with the best poetry. Just bring your daring interpretations and relaxed chat! This month we're reading 'Considering the Women', a new bold and relevant collection by by Kurdish author, poet and painter Choman Hardi.

Mr B's Book Groups are free and we offer a 10% discount on all of our chosen books.

Email to book your place at the table


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