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Here at Mr B's we run literary events with a difference - offering close encounters with our favourite authors at our BOOK LOVERS UNITE, G E N E R A T I O N B and AROUND THE WORLD evenings, which incorporate an author interview with food, music, wine and where the mood takes us, fun props! We also host MR B'S LEGENDS events, where you can meet your favourite big name authors at external venue events across the city. Check out what we've got lined up for 2015...



G E N E R A T I O N B.

Mr B's introduces

K I R S T Y  L O G A N

Wednesday 20th May

7pm at Mr B's


"The Gracekeepers" is a captivating debut about a beautifully drawn world and a flourishing, unlikely friendship between two isolated young women. The novel's vivid setting imagines sea levels which have risen drastically and submerged much of earth's land, leaving behind a vast waterscape with just a few small floating islands remaining. North is a circus performer, a "dampling", who lives at sea with a troupe of floating acrobats, clowns, dancers and her co-star, a performing bear. The Excalibur circus only venture onto land in order to entertain the often hostile "landlockers" in exchange for food. Callanish is a "gracekeeper" - self-exiled to a tiny remote island for a mistake she made long ago, she must now administer shoreside burials, sending the dead to their final resting place in the depths of the ocean.

We are so lucky to welcome one of Scotland's hottest new literary voices to Mr B's this May. Kirsty Logan has already scooped The Saboteur Award and The Scott Award for her imaginative short story collection "The Rental Heart and Other Fairytales" and we believe that "The Gracekeepers" is one of the most distinctive and evocative debuts of 2015. Join us for a magical evening in the company of this exciting new writer and her brilliant first novel inspired by Scottish folklore.


G E N E R A T I O N  B. events offer close encounters with our favourite rising stars through an in-depth interview in our cosy Bibliotherapy Room accompanied by canapes and wine.


Tickets £8 each or £14 for two.


To book call: 01225 331155, buy online, email or pop into the shop.




An evening with


Thursday 28th May

7pm at Bath Guildhall

** Please note change of venue**

The long-awaited finale of Amitav Ghosh's stunning Ibis Trilogy will be published this May and we are delighted to welcome the man himself to Bath on publication day to introduce "Flood of Fire" - the final chapter in this epic exploration of 19th Century Asia and the opium trade.

The saga began with Sea of Poppies - which sets the scene aboard the vast Ibis, a ship on a tumultuous voyage across the Indian Ocean, destined to fight in China's vicious Opium Wars. On board are a motley crew of sailors, stowaways, coolies and convicts, thrown together by a period of Colonial upheaval who soon come to regard one another as unlikely "ship brothers". "Sea of Poppies" was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize in 2008, and won itself a firm place on Mr B's favourites list too. Whilst "Sea of Poppies" travels along the Ganges and to Calcutta, where the poppies are grown and the opium processed, its sequel "River of Smoke" (which was nominated for the Man Asian Literary Prize) takes the story to Canton in China where the opium is sold and we delve deeper into the individual histories of the diverse range of characters aboard the boat. "Flood of Fire" is the exciting climax of the Ibis' voyage, written in Amitav's mesmerising style. As the mounting tension between China and British India comes to a head, the ship-brothers find themselves in the midst of the First Opium War.

Don't miss this opportunity to hear a contemporary literary legend talk about the final chapter in his historical masterpiece.

Legendary literary names bought to you by Mr B’s Emporium of Reading Delights. These events feature an in-depth interview, book signing and a Q&A session with your favourite writers with a few extra special Mr B’s touches.

Tickets £5 each (includes £5 off the book on the night).

To book call: 01225 331155,  buy online, email or pop into the shop.





Mr B's Delightful and Tremendous Book Groups

Tuesday 14th June

7pm at Mr B's


Red Love by Leo Maxim


We offer a 10% discount on all of our book group books.


Please book your place by emailing



Read Y'Self Fitter

with the author of

"The Year of Reading Dangerously"

Wednesday 24th June

7pm at Mr B's

A special event to celebrate Independent Bookshop week with self-styled reading guru and author of the marvellously funny "The Year of Reading Dangerously" Andy Miller, or Mill-I-Am to the cool kids!

Andy's whirlwind ten-step programme Read Y'Self Fitter is a hilarious, foolproof guide on how to cure our bad reading habits and read dangerously. It's a programme that was born of Andy's own personal mission to reintergrate reading into his day-to-day life by conquering 50 great books in a year, as charted in "A Year of Reading Dangerously".

With the aid of only a humble flip-chart Mill-I-Am will propose and answer a series of boggling biblio-themed questions such as: What makes a great book? Should one finish difficult books or books one doesn’t like? Why do so many of us lie about the books we have – or haven’t – read? Is it better to spend time at the gym or the library? Is Moby-Dick really a better book than The Da Vinci Code? And so on.

Join us for a fun-filled, celebration-packed evening as we uncover our deepest reading secrets and raise a toast to Independent Bookshop Week in the company of a book-loving superstar.

Tickets £8 or £14 for two (includes a glass of fizz, cake and 15% off all books on the night)

To book call 01225 331155, buy online, email or pop into the shop.



An evening with


Thursday 9th July

7pm at Bath Central United Reformed Church

7 Argyle Street, Bath, BA2 4BA

We love Louis de Bernières! We love the brilliantly eccentric characters in "Captain Corelli's Mandolin", his playful sense of humour in "The War of Don Emmanuel's Nether Parts” and the rest of his South American trilogy and the vivid atmospheric historical  settings portrayed in all of his eight novels to date. And so it is with great excitement that we await the publication of "The Dust that Falls from Dreams" this July. And its with even more glee that we announce that Louis de Bernières will be joining us in Bath to celebrate publication and to tell us all about his moving new novel and its unforgettable cast of characters.

Set during the brief golden years of Edward VII's reign, "The Dust that Falls from Dreams" features the McCosh sisters growing up in an idyllic household in Kent, but their days of childhood innocence and adventure are destined to be followed by the apocalypse that will overwhelm their world as they come into adulthood. As the Edwardian age disintegrates into the Great War we follow these four young women through extraordinary times as they each strike out in their own directions and seek what happiness can be salvaged from the ruins of the old world.

Join us for an exciting evening in the company of a true literary superstar with music from our brilliant Bookshop Band.

Tickets £5 each (includes £5 off the book on the night).

To book call: 01225 331155, email or pop into the shop or buy online.




Book Lovers Unite!
Truth & Consequences Night
with special guest author
Wednesday 22nd July
7pm at Mr B's

A night of roller coaster plot twists, of unpredictable revelations and of lives unravelled at the mercy of a series of harsh truths. “I Saw a Man” is Owen Sheers’ gripping new novel which unwinds a series of tangled narratives. A foreign correspondent is eager to unveil stories direct from the frontline of the Afghanistan war; a fighter pilot is haunted by a terrible mistake; a young family becomes curious about their sad new neighbour and a journalist slowly creeps through a mysteriously deserted house unaware of how his intrusion will set into play a spiral of uncontrollable and terrible events.

This July, we're delighted to be joined by the multi-talented author of "I Saw a Man". Owen Sheers is a poet, playwright, novelist and journalist who has amassed an impressive collection of awards for his evocative, taut writing as showcased in "Skirrid Hill", "Pink Mist", his powerful novel-turned-film-turned-play (due to premiere at the Bristol Old Vic in June) "Resistance" and now "I Saw a Man".

Join us for dinner, drinks, music from The Bookshop Band and of course loads of book chat with this Welsh, rugby-loving storyteller and his masterfully-crafted new novel.

Book Lovers Unite evenings are our original themed events, featuring a special guest author, music from The Bookshop Band, food and drink from lovely local places and a discussion of further literature along a shared theme. Keep an eye on our social media in advance of the event to help us build our list of other fiction featuring tricky plot twists and their consequences!

Tickets £14 each or £25 for two.

To book call: 01225 331155, email or pop into the shop or buy online.


Friday 24th July
6:45pm at Mr B's

"The Beechwood Airship Interviews" is Dan Richard's riveting portrait of some of Britain's most inspiring artists, craftsmen and technicians. Inspired by his own impulsive decision to build an airship in his art school bar, Dan was compelled to interview artists, writers, actors, musicians and all kinds of creative folk in their working environments in a bid to discover what it means to be an artist in 21st Century Britain. His subjects include Robert Macfarlane, The Manic Street Preachers and Dame Judi Dench, to name just a few, and the results are a stirring reminder of the importance of making art for art's sake.

Dan is a Bath-based writer who collaborated with Robert Macfarlane and Stanley Donwood to create the beautiful book "Holloway". He's also a friend of the shop, so we're super excited to be hosting this event to celebrate his wonderful new book.

Mr B's Local Launch parties celebrate writers in our community, with a reading and a book signing from our guest author and wine and nibbles.

Free entry. RSVP essential.


To book please email

with special guest author
Wednesday 26th August
7pm at Mr B's

One of our favourite special guests of all-time will return to Mr B's this Summer. And she's bringing with her a new literary muse, with a true passion for travel and adventure...

Paula McLain is the author of "The Paris Wife" - the brilliant biographical novel of Ernest Hemingway's first marriage to Hadley Richardson. It's a novel that instantly won a place amongst the favourites of the Mr B's team and we haven't stopped recommending it ever since Paula enchanted our audience at an adultery themed Book Lovers Unite! evening back in 2011.

Now we're thrilled to welcome Paula back to the bibliotherapy room to introduce "Circling the Sun" - her fascinating new bio-novel of all round adventuress Beryl Markham. "Circling the Sun" follows British-born Beryl from her childhood in Kenya where she played and learned amongst the natives, to her days as a champion horse trainer, her friendships with writer Karen Blixen and hunter Denys Finch Hatton and finally to her early flights as a pioneer of female aviation. As ever, Paula's writing is evocative and thoroughly researched, offering a genuine insight into the lives of these glamorous trailblazers.

Join us and be transported to the African plains for an evening of literary exploration in the company of one of the loveliest authors you'll ever meet, and her single-minded, globetrotting heroine.

Travel around the world (from the comfort of the Bibliotherapy Room) with our new travel-themed events, featuring a Mr B’s interview with our special guest author, a reading to transport you to our literary destination, a glass of wine and a selection of themed nibbles.

Tickets £8 each or £14 for two.

To book call: 01225 331155, email or pop into the shop or buy online.


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