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Here at Mr B's we run literary events with a difference - offering close encounters with our favourite authors at our BOOK LOVERS UNITE, G E N E R A T I O N B and AROUND THE WORLD evenings, which incorporate an author interview with food, music, wine and where the mood takes us, fun props! We also host MR B'S LEGENDS events, where you can meet your favourite big name authors at external venue events across the city. Check out what we've got lined up for 2016...



Other People's Countries
with special guest author
Thursday 28th July
7pm at Mr B’s

For the last few months Mr B has been on a personal crusade to explain just how brilliant "Other People's Countries" by Patrick McGuinness really is. Now we've lured Patrick to our battered author's chair you're all going to able to figure it out for yourselves from the comfort of the Bibliotherapy Room.
"Other People's Countries" is a book that blends so many different genres - travel, memoir, history, a little light-handed philosophy. It's all here. More than anything though, in this wonderful book Patrick McGuinness explores how place and memory are interconnected. Reading each short chapter is like being taken by the author on a tour of the stunning Ardennes town of Bouillon from which his mother's family hail. But instead of just giving snippets of its local history and its occasional dramatic involvements in Europe's wider history, it's as if the author has actually invited you to sit down with the old fellas outside the cafes and bars to listen in on their animated storytelling. 

And, from time to time, you're shown into his own family home too, to meet those who've lived there and to hear the stories that form that family's fabric of anecdotes and legends. The overall effect isn’t just an insight into Patrick's place; it's a jolt of wanderlust and a strong urge to think back on all the places that form your own history and that make you smile just to recall them.
"Other People's Countries" won or was shortlisted for an incredible six major literary prizes, equalling the performance of Patrick's previous book,
"The Last Hundred Days", an incredible novel of recent history set amidst the tension, corruption and violence that marked the final months of Ceausescu's rule in Romania.
We'll talk to Patrick about the places that populate all of our pasts, about memory, about feuds fought over pigs and potatoes, about his family's penchant for outdoor urination, about Bouillon's recreation of WW2 for Hollywood just a few years after doing it for real, and much much more. 

Tickets £14 each, £25 for two or £40 for one ticket to all four July/August Book Lovers Unite! events
To book call 01225 331155, book online, email or pop into the shop.


Mr B's Marvellous and Delightful Book Groups

Tuesday 9th August

 7pm at Mr B's


We will be reading Spill Simmer Falter Wither by Sara Baume


Mr B's Book Groups are free and we offer a 10% discount on all of our chosen books.


Email to book your place


To the Bright Edge of the World
with special guest author
Wednesday 24th August
7pm at Mr B’s

From the author of the international bestseller "The Snow Child" comes this beautifully described, late nineteenth century adventure into the Alaskan wilds. In "To the Bright Edge of the World", Eowyn Ivey introduces Lieutenant Colonel Allen Forrester, a man on an expedition into the newly acquired territory of Alaska. Along with his small band of men, Forrester must travel up the ferocious Wolverine River, mapping the interior and gathering information on potentially dangerous native tribes, whilst his pregnant wife waits at home. Forrester is anxious to complete the journey, with all possible speed and return home, but once the crew pass beyond the edge of the known world, there's no telling what awaits them...

Told through journal entries, letters, and reports, we've already fallen in love with Eowyn's multi-layered, powerfully evocative new novel. Eowyn's writing is as gorgeously descriptive as ever and perfectly captures the excitement and isolation of previously uncharted territories.

Eowyn's beautifully-told fairy-tale "The Snow Child" was a finalist for the 2013 Pulitzer Prize and the winner of the Indies Choice for Debut Fiction and PBNA Book Award. Eowyn's debut also saw her scoop a UK National Book Award gong! "The Snow Child" is the story of a fractured couple who are brought together when the child that they build from snow appears to turn in to a real little girl. We loved "The Snow Child" for its crisp, distinctive prose and its powerful emotional punch and we can't wait to share Eowyn's dazzling new novel with you this August.

Join us and be transported to the stunning, desolate landscapes of Alaska (without having to venture beyond our cosy shop). We'll chat to Eowyn about her beloved homeland, great expeditions and her journey from bookseller to multi-award-winning, bestselling author.

Tickets £14 each, £25 for two or £40 for one ticket to all four July/August Book Lovers Unite! events
To book call 01225 331155, book online, email or pop into the shop.



Mr B's Stanza Bonanza

Thursday 8th September

7pm at the Salamander Pub (opposite Mr B's)

We will be reading Elegies by Douglas Dunn


Mr B's Book Groups are free and we offer a 10% discount on all of our chosen books.



Mr B's Marvellous and Delightful Book Groups

 Monday 12th September

 6:45pm at Mr B's


We will be reading Troubling Love by Elena Ferrante


Mr B's Book Groups are free and we offer a 10% discount on all of our chosen books.


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