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Here at Mr B's we run literary events with a difference - offering close encounters with our favourite authors at our BOOK LOVERS UNITE, G E N E R A T I O N B and AROUND THE WORLD evenings, which incorporate an author interview with food, music, wine and where the mood takes us, fun props! We also host MR B'S LEGENDS events, where you can meet your favourite big name authors at external venue events across the city. Check out what we've got lined up for 2016...




Mr B's Stanza Bonanza

Thursday 5th May

 7pm at the Salamander Pub (opposite Mr B's)


We will be reading The Essential Neruda edited by Mark Eisner


Mr B's Book Groups are free and we offer a 10% discount on all of our chosen books.




Mr B's Marvellous and Delightful Book Groups

 Monday 9th May

 6:45pm at Mr B's

We will be reading The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter


Mr B's Book Groups are free and we offer a 10% discount on all of our chosen books.


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The Life of Elves

with special guest author MURIEL BARBERY
Tuesday 17th May
7pm at Mr B’s
Join us and the wonderful French novelist Muriel Barbery for an adventure into a world where things are not quite as they seem… In Muriel’s lyrical new novel “The Life of Elves” two foundling girls are raised in close-knit communities, unaware of each other’s existence and the fact that their strange futures are irreversibly entwined. Maria spends her days roaming in her bountiful French village, so in touch with nature that she appears to be capable of enhancing its power, whilst in Italy Clara reveals herself to be a musical prodigy, who can see Maria in a vision that appears to her when she plays the piano.
This stunning literary foray into the fantastical explores the importance of community, love, man’s relationship with the natural world and how fragile each of them are.
We first discovered Muriel’s inimitable, sensual writing style in her surprise best-seller “The Elegance of the Hedgehog” – a philosophical novel about a misunderstood concierge and a suicidal child genius. Her prose was such an unusual cocktail of incredibly rich, literary description and bright, uplifting humour that she struck us as something quite special. A realisation endorsed by her debut novel “The Gourmet” (the tale of a food critic in search of a singular, elusive taste) and now, her first steps into the realms of magical realism, “The Life of Elves”.

Tickets £14 each, £25 for two or £50 for one ticket to all five May/June Book Lovers Unite! events
To book call 01225 331155, book online, email or pop into the shop.


A Life Discarded
with special guest author ALEXANDER MASTERS
Tuesday 24th May
7pm at Mr B’s

*Please note that the date for this event has moved from May 25th to May 24th
Lots of stories end up in the bin, abandoned by their authors for some unknown reason. Some narratives probably belong there, others we may wish we’d got to read first. For one night only, we bring you one of these elusive stories, saved from the skip by award-winning biographer Alexander Masters.“A Life Discarded” is a biographical detective story about 148 dusty notebooks, discovered languishing in a skip in Cambridge. Each book is a small part of an intimate, anonymous diary, beginning in 1952 and ending half a century later, just a few weeks before the volumes were thrown in the bin.
Diaries, intriguingly often don't reveal the most basic details of their author’s identity: who is the writer of these abandoned books and why has his (or her) story ended up in the rubbish pile? In his naturally inquisitive style, Alexander sets out on a mission to answer these questions by analysing anecdotes, interpreting doodles, scrutinising handwriting and reading between the lines to celebrate the true, shocking, poignant and often hilarious story of a life left of the scrap heap.
Alexander’s compassionate portrait of a young homeless man traced back to his childhood
“Stuart: A Life Backwards” bagged him both the Guardian First Book Award and the Whitbread Book of The Year for 2005 and saw Alexander turn his pen to screen writing to adapt Stuart’s story for a BBC film. He is also the author of “The Genius in my Basement” a warm and witty story of a dysfunctional mathematical prodigy who lives in the basement of his Cambridge home. Here at Mr B’s, we love Alexander’s writing for his ability to find and introduce us to incredible characters in a warm-hearted, endlessly curious fashion and we’re so excited to welcome him to the bibliotherapy room.

Tickets £14 each, £25 for two or £50 for one ticket to all five May/June Book Lovers Unite! events
To book call 01225 331155, book online, email or pop into the shop.

The Transmigration
of Bodies
with special guest author YURI HERRERA
Wednesday 1st June
7pm at Mr B’s

We are delighted to welcome to the Bibliotherapy Room one of Mexico's most exciting contemporary voices, Yuri Herrera. Yuri's striking super-new novella (so new it's not officially published until 7th July) is "The Transmigration of Bodies"; a pulpy fiction set in a putrid, decaying landscape where a vicious plague is quickly killing off the city's population. When two young adults from feuding families are taken hostage, their situation looks even more desperate. Enter, The Redeemer “- a hard-boiled hero, who ventures out into the city's underbelly to broker peace. 

Here at Mr B's, we love Yuri for his stark, dark writing style, his punchy characters and his strange, but wonderful settings. Mr B's Tom named Yuri's debut novel  “Signs Preceding the End of the World” – a gutsy tale of a young Mexican girl who crosses the border in search of her brother - as one of his favourite reads of 2015 and is just as excited about Yuri's new narrative.

Yuri has also played tribute to Shakespeare in a short story inspired by Coriolanus. "Lunatics, Lovers & Poets" collects stories from twelve contemporary international authors as a tribute to world literature giants William Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes. In order to celebrate the international influence of both writers and offer us new and intriguing perspectives on them, six English-speaking authors have taken inspiration from Cervantes and his work, while six Spanish-language authors have written stories inspired by Shakespeare. 

Join us as we chat to Yuri about his fantastic fiction. There’ll be a Spanish inspired buffet dinner, wine and plenty of Mr B’s team book chat.

Tickets £14 each, £25 for two or £50 for one ticket to all five May/June Book Lovers Unite! events
To book call 01225 331155, book online, email or pop into the shop.


The Wolves of Currumpaw
with special guest illustrator 
Tuesday 7th June
7pm at Mr B’s

Come and be whisked away to the wilds of New Mexico with award-winning illustrator William Grill and his retelling of a classic nature story. "The Wolves of Currumpaw" originally existed as Ernest Thompson Seton's 1898 wilderness true-life tale "Lobo, The King of Currumpaw". Now one of the most exciting young illustrators in the UK (and a big favourite of the Mr B's team after his stunning portrayal of Ernest Shackleton's voyage in "Shackleton's Journey") has revived Seton's tale with his vibrant artwork.

"The Wolves of Currumpaw" is the story of  a British naturalist on a mission to hunt down the notorious leader of a wolf pack. King Lobo and his rugged pack-mates are preying on the cattle of Currumpaw valley and evading capture by the local ranch men. With his beautifully detailed illustrations, William takes us back to the dying days of the old west, where man's relationship with nature was greatly exploited and misunderstood.

Join us to talk storytelling, reinvention, illustration and wolves with the youngest winner of the Kate Greenaway Medal since 1960. There'll be a delicious dinner and wine to enjoy too, so make sure you're as hungry as a wolf on arrival!

Tickets £14 each, £25 for two or £50 for one ticket to all five May/June Book Lovers Unite! events
To book call 01225 331155, book online, email or pop into the shop.


Mr B's Marvellous and Delightful Book Groups

Tuesday 12th June

 7pm at Mr B's


We will be reading Power of the Dog by Thomas Savage


Mr B's Book Groups are free and we offer a 10% discount on all of our chosen books.


Email to book your place


Life Moves Pretty Fast
with special guest author
Thursday 16th June
7pm at Mr B’s

It’s time to rewind the vhs tapes of our cinematic memory to the era when flight jackets, reflective shades and Christmas jumpers were the height of fashion. Nope, not 2014, I mean the first time around, the good ol’ 1980s. Our guide for the evening is Guardian columnist and card-carrying 80s movie obsessive Hadley Freeman who’ll take centre stage (nobody puts Hadley in the corner) as she explains just why we should all be revisiting this spectacular era of film
Hadley’s book “Life Moves Pretty Fast” looks at all aspects of 80s cinema and, in between the laughter and the nostalgia, she makes a very compelling case for the crucial life lessons this era of film handed out to a generation and can still offer today. There’s the often overlooked feminist power of Dirty Dancing’s “Baby”, John Hughes’ awkward teen heroines and of course the one-room angst-fest that is “The Breakfast Club”. We’ll talk about the cinematic influence of these incredible films too be it from the all-bets-are-off world of “The Princess Bride”, the original three-dimensional rom-com “When Harry Met Sally”, or the breaking of the fourth wall as Ferris Bueller himself turns to camera and tells us “Life Moves Pretty Fast, if you don’t stop and attend a Mr B’s event once in a while, you could miss it” (or something like that).
We’ll talk of these and many more with Hadley and we’ll make sure there’s plenty of time to compare notes on power ballads, fashion fails and cheesiest one-liners too. Join us, as for one night only, Hadley Freeman turns the bibliotherapy room into a DeLorean cockpit, sets the target date to 1980, ramps us up to 88mph and waits for the flux capacitator to work its magic.
Obviously this is a serious literary event in a fancy-pants bookshop so we wouldn’t want to actively encourage audience members coming along as their favourite 1980s movie characters….but it would get you an extra big glass of Blue Nun.  
Warning: This event will lead to months of budget DVD purchases.

Tickets £14 each, £25 for two or £50 for one ticket to all five May/June Book Lovers Unite! events
To book call 01225 331155, book online, email or pop into the shop.


Picador and Mr B’s Emporium of Reading Delights present
A special event celebrating Poetry and Community with the Laureate and Friends 
Monday 20th June
7:30pm at Bath Central United Reformed Church
(Doors open at 7pm)

Carol Ann Duffy has been a bold, original voice and one of Britain’s best-loved poets since the publication of Standing Female Nude in 1985; she has subsequently won every major poetry prize in the UK, published collections that have collectively sold more than one million copies worldwide and was appointed Poet Laureate in 2009.  

Coinciding with and supporting the 10th anniversary of Independent Bookshop Week, SHORE TO SHORE sees the Poet Laureate and her chosen fellow artists undertaking a major national tour to perform their work and to celebrate communities with independent bookshops at their heart. Picador and Mr B’s Emporium of Reading Delights are proud to present Carol Ann Duffy performing alongside three of the fellow poets whom she most admires: Gillian Clarke, Imtiaz Dharker and Jackie Kay. The evening will be accompanied by music from instrumentalist and composer John Sampson plus a special guest poet local to the venue.  

Shore to Shore: Celebrating Poetry and Community with the Laureate and Friends will bring audiences an unforgettable evening featuring some of the finest voices in contemporary British poetry.  

Tickets are £15 each (plus 75p booking fee). Each ticket includes a Shore to Shore commemorative tour programme to be collected on the night. Tickets are being sold by Picador. To purchase a ticket follow the link below:



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