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We are currently lining up our events schedule for 2014, we'll be updating this page soon with lots of exciting new events so keep checking back to see if your favourite author has been added to the bill. Alternatively do sign up for our newsletter to be kept up-to-date with all of our new events.




with Clare Furniss

Thursday 24th April,2014

6.45pm @ Mr B’s

We are delighted to host an evening celebrating the publication of “The Year of the Rat” a moving coming-of-age debut novel for teenagers from local author Clare Furniss.


Narrated by 15-year-old Pearl, “The Year of the Rat” is the story of a young girl dealing with the loss of her mother and adapting to a new family dynamic as she struggles to adjust to her new baby sister who she calls “Rat”.


Clare is currently completing an MA in Writing for Young People at Bath Spa University. Join us to raise a glass to Clare and the publication of her fantastic first book.


Free Entry but please let us know you’re coming along (includes nibbles and wine)


To book email, call 01225 331155 or pop into the shop



Mr B's Marvellous & Tremendous Book Group


Monday 12th May, 2014


7pm at Mr B's


"Winter's Bone" by Daniel Woodrell


Email to reserve your place



with Nick Hunt

Wednesday 14th May

7pm at Mr B's

‘Travelling quickly is a waste of time’, an ethos Paddy Leigh Fermor lived by. His super fan Nick Hunt agrees and set out on foot to follow his route from England to Istanbul.  Joining us as our special guest, journalist-cum-intrepid explorer Nick will introduce us to ‘Walking the Woods and the Water’, his account of his own ‘great trudge’ over eight countries and three mountains ranges.


Inspiration struck when Nick read Fermor’s “Time of Gifts”, aged 18, and decided he wanted to set off on a good old fashioned adventure and discover the joy of the journey. Both writers felt a need to find their place in the world and experience whether true hospitality still existed.

We’ll ask Nick how it felt to carve the same path as one of travel writing’s great legends and how the places he explored and the things that he encountered have changed since Paddy’s inspirational trek.

Join us for an evening celebrating one of our heroes and the intrepid wanderer and fine writer who has followed in his footsteps. Feel free to wear your walking boots and bring along tales of your own adventures!

Tickets in advance £8 (includes wine and a discount off the book on the night)

To book call 01225 331155, email or pop into the shop

An evening with Tim Winton
Friday 23rd May, 2014
7pm at Mr B's

Australian literary superstar, author of 25 titles for adults and children and four-time winner of The Miles Franklin Award (Australia's most prestigious literary gong) Tim Winton will be checking in to the Bibliotherapy Room to introduce us to his superb new novel this May. "Eyrie" features down-on-his-luck, bitingly-witty narrator Tom Keely, a formerly high-profile environmental campaigner who finds himself divorced, unemployed and living in a grotty apartment block. Plagued by his good intentions, Tom struggles to do the right thing in an  increasingly cynical world but finds an unlikely cause in the shape of an old school friend and her strangely gloomy grandson.

In the first half of the evening we'll chat to Tim about "Eyrie", its haunting and beautifully-drawn cast, sardonic humour and urban setting. Then, after a break for some delicious (and possibly Australian inspired) grub from some of our favourite local foodies, we'll transport you to the gorgeous rural landscapes of Australia as depicted in "Cloudstreet", "Dirt Music", "Breath" and Tim's memoir "Land's Edge" as we chat to Tim about his incredible writing career so far.

Join us for what is sure to be an unforgettable literary evening in the company of one of Australia's greatest writers.

Tickets in advance £14 or £25 for any two (ticket price includes wine, delicious buffet from some of our favourite local foodies and 15% off any book purchased at the event)
To book call 01225 331155, email or pop into the shop

Texas Night
with Philipp Meyer

Tuesday 27th May

7pm at Mr B's

It's Texas Night at Mr B's in the company of the incredibly talented Philipp Meyer. Mr B has gone cock-a-hoop about "The Son" - a colossal American epic about a wealthy and influential Texan family set over a whopping 150 year timespan. And now we're lucky enough to have its author visiting from the U.S. as our special guest to tell us all about it. 

Set against the dusty Texan landscape and featuring three equally compelling narrators who between them shed light on five generations of violence and intrigue, "The Son" gradually reveals how a ruthless patriarch built a powerful family, the lengths to which he is willing to go to survive and the impact his character has on the generations that follow.

Nic ranks this as the finest book he's read to date in 2014 and if you're thinking that's not saying much with it being only March then listen instead to The Washington Post who said that "The Son makes a viable claim to be a Great American Novel" or the New York Times who called it "masterly...exhilarating... only in the greatest of historical novels do we come to feel the distance of the past and our own likely complicity in the sins of a former age".

Tickets in advance £14 or £25 for any two (ticket price includes wine, delicious buffet from some of our favourite local foodies and 15% off any book purchased at the event)
To book call 01225 331155, email or pop into the shop



Identity Crisis Night
with Joshua Ferris

Monday 2nd June

7pm at Mr B's

Fresh-faced from the bright lights of the Hay Festival the brilliant Joshua Ferris will be joining us for an evening in the bibliotherapy room introducing his new novel "To Rise Again at a Decent Hour" about a disgruntled NY dentist who finds his identity under threat when various social media profiles start to appear under his name, and what's even more worrying is that the online version of himself seems rather more impressive than the man himself!

Both Nic and Kate are huge fans of Joshua's first novel "Then We Came to the End"; a wonderfully humorous story about office politics and the personal dramas of a group of frustrated corporate colleagues, written in a slick, darkly funny style.  Beyond the world of Mr B's "Then We Came to the End" was shortlisted for the National Book Award and Joshua's was listed amongst the New Yorker's list of top 20 writers under 40. With all of this in mind, it is not surprising that Joshua's has long been on our own laminated list of most-wanted authors to add to our events schedule so we can't wait to introduce you to him and his fantastic insight into the disorientating modern world.

Tickets in advance £14 or £25 for any two (ticket price includes wine, delicious buffet from some of our favourite local foodies and 15% off any book purchased at the event)
To book call 01225 331155, email or pop into the shop



Mr B's Marvellous & Tremendous Book Group


Tuesday 10th June, 2014


7pm at Mr B's


"The Fashion in Shrouds" by Margery Allingham


Email to reserve your place



Book Lovers Unite

Father’s Night

with Nick Harkaway

Wednesday 18th June, 2014

7pm at Mr B’s


The perfect follow-up to Father’s Day - it’s Father’s Night at Mr B’s; an evening of celebrating dads in literature in the company of our special guest author Nick Harkaway. Nick’s imaginative new novel “Tigerman” features an unlikely father figure in the form of Lester; a soon-to-be-retired British Army sergeant, whose final days of service are to be spent on an island about to be destroyed by a unique form of toxic pollution. Amidst the chaos and violence of the doomed island, Lester finds a friend in a young internet-crazed, comic book-obsessed boy whose own future looks as bleak as his decaying home. And suddenly Lester’s quiet retirement plans take a rather unexpected turn as he finds his paternal feelings towards his new friend too strong to let lie.


Nick’s critically acclaimed previous novels include the wacky adventures of ex-special force operatives turned truckers in a post-apocalyptic world (“The Gone-Away World”) and a 1950s Doomsday clock, mad monks, psychopathic serial killers and scientific geniuses (“Angelmaker”).


Join us to talk fab dads in books (and in reality) we’ll quiz Nick about fatherhood in “Tigerman” and there’ll be hearty dad-food and glasses of ale to boot! (Don’t worry wine will be provided for ale haters).


Tickets in advance  £14 or £25 for any two (ticket price includes ale, delicious buffet from some of our favourite local foodies and 15% off any book purchased at the event).

To  book call 01225 331155, email or pop into the shop.




 with Catherine Bruton

Wednesday 25th June

6.45pm at Mr B’s

We are excited to welcome local children’s author Catherine Bruton to Mr B’s to celebrate the launch of her explosive new drama for teens “I Predict a Riot”.


Set on the diverse Coronation Road, where a kaleidoscope of characters and cultures live side by side, Maggie, the daughter of a wealthy politician prefers to observe life through her camera lens. She discovers a great subject for her new film in Tokes a boy from a tiny bedsit who is always running from trouble. But when the violent Starfish gang get involved Maggie’s world explodes around her and she finds she can no longer hide behind her camera.


Catherine is the author of three previous novels “of Silence and Slow Time”, “We Can be Heroes” and “Pop” and in addition to writing she leads a busy life as a teacher at King Edward’s School in Bath.


Come along and meet Catherine for an evening celebrating “I Predict a Riot”.


Free entry (but do let us know if you'd like to come along).




with Joanna Nadin

Thursday 3rd July

6.45pm at Mr B’s


Joanna Nadin, the multi-talented, award-winning writer for teenagers and government speech writer will join us to celebrate the publication of her new thriller for young adults “Eden”. 


Joanna is the author of an impressive 6 different series for teenagers and younger readers (including the hugely popular Rachel Riley series) as well as another 8 stand-alone novels. “Eden” is “darker, stranger, and more dangerous” than some of Joanna’s previous books. The story features Evie, a haunted teen who returns her childhood home in Cornwall full of guilt over her cousin Bea’s death, but when she bumps into another tortured soul, the dark truth behind Bea’s tragedy finally begins to unravel…


There’ll be a few words from Joanna, an opportunity to have your books signed (including copies of “Eden” fresh off the printing press), and lots of convivial chat as we raise a toast to Joanna’s writing and to her exciting new book.


Free entry (but do let us know if you’d like to come along).


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