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Very Important Book Lists

No-one loves a list more than us. So here are thousands of books we adore arranged in all kinds of nifty ways to help you find your perfect book or at least have fun trying

Daniel H. Pink
£ 9.99
TheBrain That Changes Itself
Norman Doidge
£ 10.99
ThePower of Now
Eckhart Tolle
£ 9.99
Memories, Dreams, Reflections
C. G. Jung
£ 10.99
TheConquest of Happiness
Bertrand Russell
£ 15.99
Malcolm Gladwell
£ 9.99

Mr B's Introduction to Psychology

What are the key things that develop our consciousness? How about the question of Id versus Ego? If this is all a bit of a brain ache then have a flip through some of these accessible mind-expanding books and get a better idea about what’s going on in your head

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