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Very Important Book Lists

No-one loves a list more than us. So here are thousands of books we adore arranged in all kinds of nifty ways to help you find your perfect book or at least have fun trying

100 Years of Fashion Illustration
Cally Blackman
£ 24.95
Fashion Designers Sketchbooks
Hywel Davies
£ 28.00
Masters of Fashion Illustration
David Downton
£ 30.00
Fashion Illustration, 1930 to 1970
Marnie Fogg
£ 17.99
My Wonderful World of Fashion
Nina Chakrabarti
£ 12.95
Yves Saint Laurent Colouring Book
Yves Saint Laurent
£ 5.99
Drawing Fashion
Holly Brubach
Colin McDowell
£ 35.00
Big Book of Fashion Illustration
Martin Dawber
£ 19.99

Mr B's Introduction to Fashion Illustration

Calling all fashionistas! These great books about fashion and illustration will have you slavering into your Mulberry totes, desperate to kick up your Jimmy Choos and head to the shops

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