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Very Important Book Lists

No-one loves a list more than us. So here are thousands of books we adore arranged in all kinds of nifty ways to help you find your perfect book or at least have fun trying

Night School
C. J. Daugherty
£ 8.99
Night School: Fracture
C. J. Daugherty
£ 7.99
Night School: Legacy
C. J. Daugherty
£ 8.99
Night School: Resistance
C. J. Daugherty
£ 8.99
Elizabeth May
£ 8.99
TheSecret History
Donna Tartt
£ 8.99
For Esme - with Love and Squalor
J. D. Salinger
£ 8.99
TheGreat Gatsby
F. Scott Fitzgerald
£ 6.99

C.J. Daugherty list

We have plentiful signed copies of author C.J. Daugherty’s books for budding fans and newbies alike! She's also been kind enough to share a list of 6 of her favourite books - check them out!

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