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Very Important Book Lists

No-one loves a list more than us. So here are thousands of books we adore arranged in all kinds of nifty ways to help you find your perfect book or at least have fun trying

TheHigh Street
Alice Melvin
£ 9.99
Michael Crummey
£ 12.99
TheSense of an Ending
Julian Barnes
£ 8.99
Karen Russell
£ 8.99
Charles Dickens
Claire Tomalin
£ 9.99
Carol Ann Duffy
£ 9.99
Pietro Grossi
£ 9.99
Lives of the Novelists
John Sutherland
£ 20.00
Wim Wenders
Wim Wenders
£ 22.99
Tristan Hogg
Jon Simon
£ 14.99
British Baking
Oliver Peyton
£ 20.00
All My Friends are Superheroes
Andrew Kaufman
£ 7.99
ARiot of Goldfish
Kanoko Okamoto
£ 8.99
AShort Walk in the Hindu Kush
Eric Newby
£ 9.99
TheVintage Tea Party Book
Angel Adoree
£ 20.00
TheSecret Life of Bletchley Park
Sinclair McKay
£ 8.99
Christmas Eve at the Mellops'
Tomi Ungerer
£ 6.95
The10 Best Games in the World
Angels Navarro
£ 14.95
TheDark Lord: The Teenage Years
Jamie Thomson
£ 6.99
Frank Sinatra Has a Cold
Gay Talese
£ 9.99
Curious Observations: A Country Miscellany
Country Life Magazine
£ 2.99
Down the Rabbit Hole
Juan Pablo Villalobos
£ 10.00
Cities of the Classical World
Colin McEvedy
£ 25.00
Sweet Thames Run Softly
Robert Gibbings
£ 12.00
ATaste Of Chlorine
Bastien Vives
£ 16.99
TheStory of Swimming
Susie Parr
£ 25.00
ACompass Error
Sybille Bedford
£ 9.99
TheCruise of the Rolling Junk
F. Scott Fitzgerald
£ 6.99
TheArt of the Racing Motorcycle
Philip Tooth
£ 35.00
Michael Embacher
£ 19.95
In Search of a Masterpiece
Christopher Lloyd
£ 29.95
Print Workshop
Christine Schmidt
£ 16.99
Let's Make Some Great Art
Marion Deuchars
£ 12.95
Edward Bawden's London
Peyton Skipwith
Brian Webb
£ 20.00
Parting Shots
Matthew Parris
£ 9.99
Dark Matter
Michelle Paver
£ 8.99
Horoscopes for the Dead
Billy Collins
£ 9.99

2011 Christmas Catalogue

No need to write a Christmas list this year, we've done it for you. Here are 74 of the most desirable books from this year (and a few of our favourite oldies). Remember there is 10% off all of the books featured on this list. Merry Christmas everyone!

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