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Very Important Book Lists

No-one loves a list more than us. So here are thousands of books we adore arranged in all kinds of nifty ways to help you find your perfect book or at least have fun trying

TheMagnetic North
Sara Wheeler
£ 9.99
Dark Matter
Michelle Paver
£ 8.99
TheIce Museum
Joanna Kavenna
£ 14.99
Novgorod the Great
Andrew Drummond
£ 9.99
Duncan Pryde
£ 13.99
TheSecret Ministry of Frost
Nick Lake
£ 6.99
TheFrozen Deep
Wilkie Collins
£ 6.99

The Far North

Ten books that won't get an icy reception despite their chilly settings. All the majesty of the extreme north emerges from these travelogues and novels

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