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Very Important Book Lists

No-one loves a list more than us. So here are thousands of books we adore arranged in all kinds of nifty ways to help you find your perfect book or at least have fun trying

Pat Barker
£ 8.99
Journey's End
R. C. Sherriff
£ 8.99
All Quiet on the Western Front
Erich Maria Remarque
£ 7.99
Strange Meeting
Susan Hill
£ 8.99
Goodbye to All That
Robert Graves
£ 8.99
TheSword of Honour
Evelyn Waugh
£ 14.99
AFarewell to Arms
Ernest Hemingway
£ 6.99
One of Ours
Willa Cather
£ 12.00

World War One Fiction

Powerful novels of the Great War from many different perspectives

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