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Season Three: The Winds of Change are Always Blowing

June – July 2011


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Season three borrowed its theme from a Willie Nelson lyric, “The Winds of Change are Always Blowing” and consisted of four events exploring the rollercoaster of life. At each event we used our guest author’s book as a cue to zoom in from the overarching theme of change to look at a particular type of challenge that individuals, communities and nations might face.


The season kicked off with Revolution Night and a talk about rebellion and civil war from our special guest author of “A World on Fire”, Amanda Foreman.


Revelation Night saw our 90% adult audience declare their immaturity to teen novelist Patrick Ness, who gave a dynamic flip-chart frenzy of a presentation about being a writer and “A Monster Calls”, his emotionally charged novel about the confused and angry world of a boy struggling to come to terms with loss.


The audience at Reformation Night were treated to an interview followed by a mesmerising reading in Italian from Pietro Grossi, author of “The Break” a beautifully written, Hemingway-esque story about a young man who struggle when his ordered world is thrown into chaos by a series of unexpected events.


And finally the lovely Tahmima Anam joined us for Reinvention night, and let us into the secrets of her novel “The Good Muslim” a story about nations and individual healing after the Bangladeshi war of independence.


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The Bookshop Band were of course on cracking form throughout the season, with another series of songs written about the books and themes in question. On Reinvention night the band’s membership expanded as Ali George and Dave Selby another pair of talented Bath musicians, stepped in for regular band members to perform two great songs based on “The Good Muslim”.