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I Lick My Cheese and Other Notes

I Lick My Cheese and Other Notes

From the Frontline of Flatsharing

Oonagh O'Hagan

Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group
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Publisher synopsis: 'I needed that ham. Really needed it.' 'I pay the rent. What do you do?' 'I hate you more than life itself.' Flatsharing - it's not for the fainthearted. It doesn't matter how friendly and considerate everyone is to begin with, something always goes wrong. Food gets stolen. Loos get blocked. Sleep gets broken. Unmentionable things happen in the living room. At times like this there's only one thing a flatmate can do: write a note. Acclaimed designer Oonagh O'Hagan has collected together over 120 notes in one hilarious and endlessly entertaining package. Ranging from the sweet to the dirty to the downright furious, they will strike a chord with anyone who has ever shared their home with another person. Especially if they stole your ham.