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New Self-Sufficient Gardener

The New Self-Sufficient Gardener

The Complete Illustrated Guide to Planning, Growing, Storing and Preserving Your Own Garden Produce

John Seymour

Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Ltd
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Publisher synopsis: The complete illustrated guide to planning, growing, storing and preserving your own garden produce from 'the grand master of self-sufficiency' ("Kitchen Garden"), John Seymour John Seymour's classic guide gives you the knowledge and expertise to create your own self-sufficient garden and produce what you need. Whatever the size of your space, discover how to garden organically and maximise your harvest, without the need for radical changes to your lifestyle. From cultivating vegetables to making cider, keeping chickens to training vines, you'll garden in tune with the seasons, growing for the year, eating for today and storing for tomorrow. No specialist knowledge required: just clearly explained principles and practicalities ideal for any gardener.