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The Shiralee

D'Arcy Niland

Publisher: Fox, Finch & Tepper
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Mr B’s Christmas Catalogue Review 2014

Rough and flinty Mac Macauley makes his living as an itinerant worker wandering the dusty back roads of New South Wales. The unpredictable work, the hard-labour and brawly bars make this a no-go environment for children. And yet Macauley has a four-year old companion - his confident but vulnerable daughter Buster; his burden; his “shiralee”. As they traipse on, skirting close to trouble, they squabble constantly and encounter kind, peculiar and sometimes dangerous fellow travellers. As times get tougher there are signs that they might yet learn to appreciate one another. It was first published in the 1950’s and remains in print with Penguin Classics in Australia. It’s a novel with incredibly broad appeal thanks to its blend of atmosphere, humour and tension.
Nic Bottomley (Fri 14th Nov 2014)

Two mismatched figures traipse between the plains towns of New South Wales. Tough man Macauley is an itinerant worker used to a solitary life on the road, nights by the campfire and holding his own when the bar brawls break out. Struggling to keep up is four-year-old Buster – his shiralee, his burden, his daughter – plucked from her neglectful mother out of spite. Macauley sees Buster as a curb on his unshackled life but her buoyant spirit and unwavering trust in him threaten to soften his hard edges for the very first time.

Emotional, exciting, funny and punctuated by scenes of incredible tension, The Shiralee is a novel of life and companionship on the road and of the power of the ties that bind.
Nic Bottomley (Tue 21st Oct 2014)

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