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Thorny Problems

Thorny Problems

Helen Yemm

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Ltd
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Publisher synopsis: Helen Yemm writes the Saturday Telegraph Thorny Problems column. Each week she writes a 'seasonal ramble' and then answers readers' garden problems. Tricky challenges that gardeners face range from how to deal with the GOOD (hedgehogs and bats), the BAD (moles and aphids) and the UGLY (slugs and black spot) to when is the best time to prune a cherry tree or advice on lawn maintenance. Helen knows her readers well and has built up a big following - a fanbase in fact. This book is a delightful compilation of her seasonal rambles and pertinent advice. Established gardeners will appreciate her excellent tips and enjoy her very personal style of writing about looking after a garden - whether large or small. She is not afraid to admit to her own failures; gardening Helen Yemm style is an art not a science.

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