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Lonely Polygamist

The Lonely Polygamist

Brady Udall

Publisher: Vintage Publishing
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Managing 4 wives and 28 children becomes, usurprisingly, rather tiring and complicated for Golden Richards, who seeks relief in the arms of his boss’s wife. Our hearts melt though, with his often futile and hilarious attempts to keep everyone happy and with the overwhelming power of his love for his children, in particular for his disabled young daughter. Written with a wonderfully wry and dark sense of humour, this is an exceptionally tender tale, albeit an oddball one!
Juliette Bottomley (Fri 12th Jun 2015)

The title alone gives away a little of this author’s wry and dark sense of humour. His endearing, quirky characters are superb and this is an exceptionally tender tale, albeit an oddball one. As the title suggests, this polygamist, with four wives and 28 children is nevertheless a lonely one, who takes a job on a Nevada brothel, ending up in the arms of the boss’s wife.
Libby Harris (Fri 15th Jul 2011)

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