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Backwards in High Heels

Backwards in High Heels

The Impossible Art of Being Female

Tania Kindersley
Sarah Vine

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
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This is a quality book that will appeal to a wide range of female readers. Right from its title taken from a famous quote about Ginger Rogers (she did “everything Fred Astaire did, except backwards and in high heels”) this book sets out to be an unsentimental and witty guide to living life as an intelligent modern woman. The book’s success is in the way it seamlessly combines discussion of serious contemporary issues (e.g. balancing career ambitions and motherhood) with more trivial day-to-day concerns and quirky lists.
Nic Bottomley (Thu 28th Jul 2011)

A seamless bible for the intelligent modern woman, this little beauty combines an array of serious contemporary issues with more trivial day to day concerns. From roaring essays on politics and ambition, to quirky lists of ‘Men who are clearly not in touch with their feminine side’ this is a down-to-earth, witty realisation of what it means to be a woman today.
Kate Double (Fri 15th Jul 2011)